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Tom Caraker sets and checks his fyke nets for snapping turtles in small creeks of the upper Choptank River.Turklin'.  “Not a whole lot do this,” says Tom Caraker, who traps for snapping turtles from Denton to Cambridge.  He works marsh guts so shallow that he needs a specialized air cooled “mud” motor to reach traps deep into the marsh.   He catches from 100 to 600 pounds of snapping turtles a day.   It's among the highest value seafood in the Chesapeake Bay, one to more than dollars a pound live weight.   Tougher state regulations now require turtles to be 11 inches minimum size.   “ I don't mind throwing them back, that's my future,” Caraker says.  He sells them for meat and to aquaculture farms for breeding.   “The meat,” he says, “is delicious stewed or fried.”